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Image to Icon Converter for Windows

It converts images into icons and extracts icons from libraries.

With Sib Icon Converter you can:
    image to icon converter
  • Create icons from BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and other image formats
  • Make icons from your photos
  • Convert Mac icons to Windows format
  • Create icons from screen captures
  • Search for images in folders
  • Extract icon images from ICO, CUR, ANI, EXE, ICL, DLL, SCR, IL, NIL, DCR, RES, OCX, VBX, DPL, BPL and other libraries
  • Split icon libraries into individual icon files
  • Convert multiple files at once
Sib Icon Converter provides you with a wizard-style converter for producing attractive Windows icons from images or Mac OS icons. Additionally, it allows extraction of icons from libraries and saving them as individual icons in selected folders. The program supports all popular graphic formats, including BMP, WBMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, XPM, XBM, ANI, and CUR. Output configuration settings include icon size, color depth and transparency.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10, 32 MB RAM, Pentium-233 MHz, 5 MB Hard Disk.

Trial limitations: only 5 files can be converted only at once, 30 trial runs allowed, nag-screen.

Download icon converter:  exe

Different File Types for Icons Explained

Images and any part of your screen are convertible. Picture to icon can help you to extract icons from your libraries, modify them and convert them to bmp or png. Icon convert is easy now with transparency. Icons are easy now to extract from windows resource files such as DLL, OCX, and EXE file.

Having the icon for the application you want is not a difficult task, especially if you get help from a specialized company. The designer company can help you choosing the most appropriate icon for your website. Keep in mind that you should involve in the selection of your icons as only you better understand that how you want to use them. It is important, therefore, to understand the types of most common files for icons.

Conversion of picture to icon is not too difficult to design. Most common types of files that web owners prefer to use are: ico, png, bmp, gif, and icns. The ico is used by windows to assign an icon for each application. It is represented in the form of an icon or file. These files are very flexible as they can change according to the file. You cannot change the factory setting of ico files. There is need for certain parameters to be utilized to get the best quality ico files.

Another type of file is gif. This file is very important for images. The maximum number of colors is 256 and most of them are uniform. The gif file is not suitable for photographic images as you cannot show them in the best format. A number of colors that is less than 256 will show the image exactly as it is if you use gif to icon creation. Gif compresses files it loses a lot of colors during the process of compression.

There are several ways for icon conversion. Jpg to icon is a converter that helps you make your own icon files. Jpg is very easy to use that you don't need to go to details of guidelines. You can try it immediately after you download it. Another file type mac is used for aqua interface. You can change mac os icons without spending any money. Press command-c after you have selected the icon. Click the program, you want to change into an icon, and press the command-1.You will see the icon on the top left corner of the window. Click it and turn it to blue outline and press command-v and your icon will be ready.

You can use icon compressor to make the size of the icon according to your choice. The compressor is located in the Xcode folder. Open the folder and go to application and you can easily create icon by dragging the TIFF files over their desired sizes. Click on "Agree" when asked to Extract Mask and then save the file. Drag the icon file to CandyBar and than drag the image of icon in the application.

The types of icon files, we have discussed above, are the most common file types for icons. You should utilize all the available information to choose.

icon convert
Icon Sib Icon Editor is a power-packed icon editor, featuring abilities to work with Windows Vista icons and to extract icons from all files and save them as icon libraries. It has a knack for refining your system interface!

Icon Sib Icon Extractor can scan your archives, folders, files and all local disks for icons. It will download icons from the Internet and customize Windows icons.

Icon Sib Icon Converter allows you to convert multiple digital images and photos to Windows icons in one action. It also breaks down entire icon libraries into individual icons.

Icon Icons for medicine and chemistry: ambulance car, snake cup, pill, tablet, tooth, phial, syringe, test-tube, skull, bones, molecules and others.

Icon Icons for online trading: hand cart, money, pill, sum, drug, music, radio, PDA, web-camera, mouse, calculator, certificate, delivery, help, globe and others.

Icon Junior Icon Editor is an easy solution to icons-editing needs. The program supports True-Color and 8-bit icons, imports and exports PNG and XPM images and, basically, provides guidelines to a fresh look of your desktop!