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Navigation Icon Set
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Navigation Icon Set is perfect for designing GPS applications, navigators, and geo-mapping products. The collection of royalty-free icons has everything a navigation tool needs, from arrows to satellites and from maps to compasses.

These navigation icons are delivered in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and also 256x256 used for Windows Vista. The icons come in two color variants: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. They also have several file formats, such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP.

Navigation Icon Set

Compass icons
Compass v2 icons
Compass v2
Steering-wheel icons
Steering- wheel
NATO icons
Navigator icons
Egypt Pyramids icons
Egypt Pyramids
Lighthouse icons
Weather icons
Globe icons
Earth icons
Real Earth icons
Real Earth
Square Earth icons
Square Earth
Up icons
Down icons
Right icons
Left icons
Up-left icons
Down-right icons
Up-right icons
Down-left icons
Up v2 icons
Up v2
Down v2 icons
Down v2
Right v2 icons
Right v2
Left v2 icons
Left v2
Up-left v2 icons
Up-left v2
Right-down v2 icons
Right-down v2
Up-right v2 icons
Up-right v2
Left-down v2 icons
Left-down v2
Move icons
Move diagonally icons
Move diagonally
Up-down icons
Right-left icons
Ul-dr icons
Ur-dl icons
Up v3 icons
Up v3
Down v3 icons
Down v3
Right v3 icons
Right v3
Left v3 icons
Left v3
Up-down v3 icons
Up-down v3
Right-left v3 icons
Right-left v3
Top icons
Bottom icons
Last icons
First icons
Rotate 90d-1 icons
Rotate 90d-1
Rotate 90d-2 icons
Rotate 90d-2
Rotate 90d-3 icons
Rotate 90d-3
Rotate 90d-4 icons
Rotate 90d-4
Rotate 90d-5 icons
Rotate 90d-5
Rotate 90d-6 icons
Rotate 90d-6
Rotate 90d-7 icons
Rotate 90d-7
Rotate 90d-8 icons
Rotate 90d-8
Rotate 180d-1 icons
Rotate 180d-1
Rotate 180d-2 icons
Rotate 180d-2
Rotate 180d-3 icons
Rotate 180d-3
Rotate 180d-4 icons
Rotate 180d-4
Rotate 180d-5 icons
Rotate 180d-5
Rotate 180d-6 icons
Rotate 180d-6
Rotate 180d-7 icons
Rotate 180d-7
Rotate 180d-8 icons
Rotate 180d-8
Rotate 270d-1 icons
Rotate 270d-1
Rotate 270d-2 icons
Rotate 270d-2
Rotate 270d-3 icons
Rotate 270d-3
Rotate 270d-4 icons
Rotate 270d-4
Rotate 270d-5 icons
Rotate 270d-5
Rotate 270d-6 icons
Rotate 270d-6
Rotate 270d-7 icons
Rotate 270d-7
Rotate 270d-8 icons
Rotate 270d-8
Rotate 3d-1 icons
Rotate 3d-1
Rotate 3d-2 icons
Rotate 3d-2
Rotate 3d-3 icons
Rotate 3d-3
Rotate 3d-4 icons
Rotate 3d-4
Rotate 3d-5 icons
Rotate 3d-5
Rotate 3d-6 icons
Rotate 3d-6
Rotate 3d-7 icons
Rotate 3d-7
Rotate 3d-8 icons
Rotate 3d-8
Rotate 270db-1 icons
Rotate 270db-1
Rotate 270db-2 icons
Rotate 270db-2
Rotate 270db-3 icons
Rotate 270db-3
Rotate 270db-4 icons
Rotate 270db-4
Rotate 270db-5 icons
Rotate 270db-5
Rotate 270db-6 icons
Rotate 270db-6
Rotate 270db-7 icons
Rotate 270db-7
Rotate 270db-8 icons
Rotate 270db-8
Rotate ud icons
Rotate ud
Rotate du icons
Rotate du
Rotate rl icons
Rotate rl
Rotate lr icons
Rotate lr
Rotate CCW icons
Rotate CCW
Rotate CW icons
Rotate CW
Counter-clockwise triangle icons
Counter-clockwise triangle
Clockwise triangle icons
Clockwise triangle
Up v4 icons
Up v4
Down v4 icons
Down v4
Right v4 icons
Right v4
Left v4 icons
Left v4
Move down icons
Move down
Move left icons
Move left
Move right icons
Move right
Move up icons
Move up
Redo black icons
Redo black
Undo black icons
Undo black
Rotate left icons
Rotate left
Rotate right icons
Rotate right
Rotate 180d icons
Rotate 180d
Flip horizontally icons
Flip horizontally
Flip vertically icons
Flip vertically
Play animation icons
Play animation
Update icons
Go back icons
Go back
Go back v2 icons
Go back v2
Next icons
Lookup icons
Pointer icons
Fast back icons
Fast back
Back icons
Forward icons
Fast forward icons
Fast forward
Exit icons
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 Purchase this icon set for $49.00 now!

You can also buy individual icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually. Please contact us with the icon names you wish to purchase and we will process your order immediately. (Note: Minimum purchase is 2 icons.)

All of the icons above are available in the following image formats:

Navigation Icons

Navigation Icons - Example

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